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Politics in any democracy is nothing without a responsible public opposition to defend

the rights and privileges of citizens as a quasi-alternate government. That responsible opposition, however, also deserves a challenge with available facts at the disposal of a sitting Government in reassurance to the public on its sacred duties and allegiance to

citizens. Such mutual interaction and golden rules in a democracy weigh heavily on

governments to avoid resorting to unwarranted tirades, blatant obfuscations, and avoidance of factual data in its defense of governance, otherwise, that government

stands to be accused of descending into the realms of dangerous propaganda. No

government in a democracy can survive for long under such conditions, and that is why

both the Governor of Abia State and Commissioner Chikamnayo must watch out for

citizens’ reactions to their low descending performance.

The truth is that when any government through its agents chose to engage with citizens

in a careless gangsterly name-calling that is both ethically and legally pejorative, and in

terms built on blatant vile intimidation and propaganda, such governments suddenly

descend into a new LOW that citizens find despicable and a source of serious concern.

Opposing citizens on the other hand go HIGH when raising the bar of governance with

facts that resonate with citizens. There is a limit in sustaining governance on lies and

falsehood and this is the situation that Abia State has suddenly found itself, and

Chikamnayo is hallucinating and unable to deal with present situations, as the new

hatchet Commissioner of Abia State Government.

Just recently, Governor Okezie lkpeazu reshuffled his Cabinet of Commissioners to gain

more traction in dealing with the myriads of issues awash in Abia State. That action was

long overdue and was not a surprise to many Abia watchers that follow the declining

performance of the State in the political, infrastructural and economic spectrum. But

what did the citizens get from that reshuffling of Commissioners? Absolutely nothing

tangible; they got recycling of deadwood commissioners, many of who served out for

decades and had been consigned to the dustbin of un-performing and unproductive

grades of politicians.

This happened as the Governor Okezie split the commissioners’ portfolios with reckless

abandon to just create jobs for the ‘boys and girls’. The most unfortunate act of the

Governor came when he chose to replace his former Commissioner of Information with

an acclaimed cranky individual who severally had been fired on many jobs within the

same Abia State Government under the odious pedigree of abuse of office and

application of intimidation, often bothering on blackmail against both Governor Okezie

and the sitting Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly and his family members.

Several unprintable publications against these individuals that emerged from

Chikamnayo only earned him a move around government offices and the Local Governments, as if he had mesmerized his masters. One may ask why and how is

Chikamnayo able to do these, and who is fooling Abia citizens on this suspicious

relationship, Chikamnayo or the Governor?

Recently, the plot thickened as this hatchet character has been hired as the new

Commissioner of Information for Abia State as an attack dog with a scorched earth

mandate to take out valid opposition figures, injured citizens and other politicians with

a conscience in monitoring the Abia governing debacle. Chikamnayo believes

erroneously that he can do his hatchet job even against libel. And we ask, how LOW can

he go with Abia State governance, in perniciously trampling on the rights of insufferable

Abia citizens, to keep him hiding inside the Abia Government House as a packaged

fraud? We have no doubt that Chikamnanyo who once sought to blackmail Governor

Okezie and Hon Chinedu Orji, the Speaker of Abia House of Assembly, will once again

seek to attack and vilify Abia State Government and other organs of that government

with impunity as he seeks to retain his job in that circle. That is why we are concerned

on his recent breach of all political decorum and human decency in his attempt to

lampoon and attack the integrity of Dr Alex Otti, a respected corporate executive, a

politician and a public advocate for the rights of Abia citizens, and a committed

vanguard in the rebuilding of a new Abia State. It would not cut a block of ice if Chikamnayo

based his attacks on facts, instead of his unsubstantiated vitriols rick of gutter language.

We know factually, that he is from there, and in spite of his concealed attempts to

deodorize his fame as a con brothel operator with a lawyer’s wig, he cannot get too far

without his tag as an individual of questionable integrity.

There is no doubt that Chikamnayo’s new role as an unguarded attack dog without

facts, yet with a free leash held loosely from his masters, will further diminish Abia State

Government’s remaining integrity, and cast doubts on the minds of many Abians in a

manner that says “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. This becomes

clearer when we view Eze Chikamnayo, the infamous Commissioner of Information,

Abia State, in a piece he authored recently titled “Enough of Otti’s Nonsense”. In that

publication, just like a mad bull let loose in a market square, Chikamnayo a

representative of the Governor of Abia State, charged at Dr. Otti and rained series of

personal abuses without consideration of any iota of truth, and ina manner that even

a mad person will consider inappropriate and out of character. Even if Dr. Otti lacked

common sense, has anything despicable in his character and in his dealings with the

public and the corporate world, it would make news and sense if Chikamnayo were to

call attention with facts on such matters in order to attract public odium and perhaps

punishment, but he was content to just vilify the noble character of his subject in a

carefree libelous manner, hiding under the wings of Abia State Government. You may

ask if Dr Otti understands his rights to seek redress and I hope he does. When he does,

Abia State Government and Chikamnayo will not be the gainers!

Such unwarranted and vituperative attacks against Dr Otti, and in fact anyone at all, if

without substantive facts, and hiding on the wings of politics is at best just asinine and ludicrous, especially coming from a government spokesman. After all, Abians are aware

of the infrastructure, political and economic deficits of Abia State, and the facts of the

debts owed to Abia workers and pensioners are verifiable and should not be trivialized

as myths when a government spokesman chooses to chase shadows in attempting to

vilify those bold enough to speak up for the traumatized citizens of Abia and

acknowledge their sufferings. One would think that in a matter of the welfare of

citizens’, especially earned welfare and entitlements from service to their Government,

the State Government can eat its humble pie, and send such dark horses as Chikamnayo

packing from the Government house for trivializing the issue. This is necessary for the

Government to avoid public indictment of being held hostage to a VOODOO spell of its

errant staff and commissioner of Information such as Chikamnayo.

Certainly, the Abia State Government may presume that Chikamnayo’s nuisance value

is a protective shield to genuine opposition of the activities and low performance of the

Government. But I can assure you that Dr Okezie Ikpeazu does need the lies and

manipulation of facts by Eze Chikamnayo to eliminate these. The liabilities of such

strategy are bound to generate deeper concerns that drag him LOWER than he deserves

at this dying stage of his governance. Chikamnayo clearly represents ‘the true luciferous

agent, destructive virus and a vicious death angel’ he conjectures and touts. This has

the capacity to sink the credibility of Abia State Government, if not quickly checked and

addressed. You cannot sow a tare grass and reap rice!

It is said that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. That is why the marauding virus called Eze

Chikamnayo as Commissioner of Information, must be nipped in the bud before it

infects the Abia State bureaucracy with its odium. Otherwise, it will manifest to a

serious cancer, when Abians who know the truth about their infrastructure deficits;

who live in Aba-Port Harcourt Road and know that the road has been converted to a

refuse dump; who bear the human tragedy of workers unpaid salaries; who die of

hunger and frustration from pensioners’ unpaid gratuities, and who have for long have

borne the trauma of their government’s perfidy, propaganda and falsification of the

facts-as the hallmark of governance delivered from the Ministry of Information and its

Commissioners. That time when the workers of Abia Staten begin to demand for a true

answer to their economic and social afflictions from their Governor, it will be too late

to use Chikamnayo’s propaganda as the yard stick to induce docility.

Iwill like to conclude that Abians are not the fools that Chikamnayo’s evil mind

conceives, they know who and what is holding them down. I would like to conclude this

piece by putting to Chikamnayo in his own words that “Power belongs to God” and the

machination of evil minds like his, lives after them and those that sponsor or benefit


Therefore “let him that thinks he stands beware, lest he falls!”


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